Investigating the role of historical monuments in promoting the sense of place in residents of the neighborhood with the phenomenological approach Case Study: Historical building of "3 Gonbad", Urmia

Document Type: Original Article


1 pH.D candidate, Department of Architecture, College of Art and Architecture, Hamedan brunch, Islamic Azad University, Hamedan, Iran

2 pH.D candidate, Department of Architecture, College of Art and Architecture, Bushehr brunch, Islamic Azad University, Bushehr, Iran


One of the main issues we face in urban design and urban planning is the sense of place. Considering that humans need to communicate with the environment, today with the modern urban planning, the issue of "sense of place" has lost its place among spaces, and purely economic and functional attitudes towards environmental design have weakened the emotional relationship of individuals to The environment, as well as declining persuasions for continued presence in urban neighborhoods. Hence, the review of this issue can help designers in providing solutions to enhance the sense of place in residents of residential neighborhoods. In this research, we tried to study phenomenological methodology with an emphasis on the qualitative and descriptive aspects of the place on whether the historical construction of 3 Gonbad of Urmia has been effective in promoting the sense of place of the inhabitants of the neighborhood. The results were obtained by direct observation, interviewing and descriptive reports of the place and receiving its hidden meaning in order to understand and understand the normal aspects and familiar artistic environment. The method of this research is descriptive-analytical and case study and the method of collecting library, documentary and field information (observation, questionnaire and interview). The achievements of the paper prove that the location is sensational and meaningful in terms of its physical and historical dimensions and its specific characteristics, and the existence of the monument of 3 Gonbad has been able to play an effective role in promoting the sense of place.


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